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TPAC Associate Participates in Capitol Hill Briefing

December, 2008
On December 15, Marilyn Brown, Professor of Energy Policy in the Technology Policy and Assessment Center, presented at a Capitol Hill briefing entitled, "Solar Power: Harnessing the Sun's Energy." Speakers at the briefing discussed the current state of solar energy technologies, the promise of next-generation technologies, and barriers facing widespread implementation. The event was sponsored by the American Chemical Society¡¯s Science & the Congress Project and was co-hosted by ...more

TPAC Sponsored Workshop on Nanotechnology, Equity and Equality

November, 2008
  • "On November 20-28, 2008, CNS-ASU and the Technology Policy and Assessment Center at Georgia Institute of Technology co-sponsored a workshop on Nanotechnology, Equity and Equality. The goal of the workshop was to foster a rich interchange that would change how participants see the ways emerging technologies are likely to affect various groups in society as well as the structure of societies and economies, both national and global.

"U.S. innovation: On the Skids" on Computerworld

October, 2008

...By most measures, the U.S. is in a decade-long decline in global technological competitiveness. . . . The Technology Policy and Assessment Center at the GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY recently completed a study that compares the technological progress of 33 countries between 1993 and 2007. It concluded that China has progressed more -- and more rapidly than any of the other countries -- while the U.S. and Japan have slowly declined.

TPAC Team Members Present Their Work in Mexico City

September, 2008











Seven members of the TPAC Team presented research results at the combined Globelics/Prime Conference in Mexico City, September 22-26.

Energy Balance

September, 2008

PAC's Professor Marilyn Brown has analyzed the energy platforms of the two presidential candidates and recommends the best of both.

Carbon Footprint

May, 2008
TPAC Associate Marilyn Brown, with two other colleagues has surprised the environmental policy community with her findings on carbon emissions from U.S. metropolitan areas. The older cities of the East Coast, despite high densities and public transportation systems, have a worse record than newer cities on the West Coast, which benefit from more favorable weather conditions. The report quantifies transportation and residential carbon emissions from 100 largest ...more

TPAC Authors Publish on National Technological Competitiveness

May, 2008
TPAC researchers examine the rising technological competitiveness of Chinese industries through a series of three high technology indicators. The indicators include a traditional high technology indicator HTI(T), which has been produced on 33 countries since the 1980s and which shows that China has surpassed the US as the top-ranking economy in 2007. The second is a statistics only, high technology indicator HTI(S), which is a modification of the first indicator; and the ...more

HTI(S)-2007 Report

July, 2007
Since the late 1980's, TPAC has produced national high tech competiveness indicators based on surveys of individuals knowledgeable about the state of technology in 33 countries. The recent HTI 2007 report continued the traditional HTI series and also included a new formulation of the high tech indicators, HTI(S), which blends the statistical components of the traditional high tech indicator HTI(T) with data from the Global Competitiveness Report, the World Bank's World ...more